Spring break

How are you, friends? I hope you are better than us. Robin’s congestion has worsened and she’s been running a fever since last night. I had never seen her so unwell, poor thing. I’m hoping this night will be better than the last and that she’ll start improving as soon as possible.

A feverish Robin this afternoon. All she had energy for was reading books and watching silly videos on YouTube.

Meanwhile, I feel I have to take a short break from blogging. Not only does Robin need my constant attention right now, but Maia starts her holidays tomorrow and the husband is practically working around the clock.┬áThere’s so much I want to share with you but my littles come first. I hope to be back next week, with more energy, time and two healthy children.

I wish you a very happy Easter, full of peace, love and great chocolate

(and figolli if you live on these islands)!

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