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Hello world! This is it! I never make any resolutions at the beginning of the year but I have a list of six for 2010! It could be that I’m newly married, have just moved to a new house and am at a crossroads professionally or it could be that I have realised I need to pull up my socks and start doing what I want to do NOW before it’s too late. Starting a blog is near the top of my list of things to do and I have surprised myself by getting it done within a few days (I’m an incorrigible procrastinator). Where to start? I chose the name ‘island fairy’ because I live on an island and though I don’t qualify as a fairy of any kind, I wish I owned some fairy dust so I could make things happen immediately. Contrary to what a lot of people believe, I’m not very patient and run out of steam quickly. I want results 5 seconds later and that’s not possible most of the time.

Today I’m stuck at home recovering from a wisdom tooth extraction. While I must laud the dentist for his patience (I had to stop him every few seconds to do breathing exercises) and strength (it took him quite a bit of tugging and pulling to get the damn thing out), it was quite traumatic for me. I’m known to have up to 4 injections given to me and still feel every single thing that’s going on in my mouth so I was literally shaking in the chair yesterday. Thankfully my mouth was numb by the 4th injection and the rest is history. Nothing could have prepared me for how I’d feel a few hours later though. I was in excruciating pain, shaking (again) and feeling very faint. I’m close to feeling normal again after good night’s sleep, copious amounts of painkillers and my husband’s pampering. I also decided to stay home and not face my customers at work at least for today and I’m sure that helped too…but more about that later.


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  1. “not face my customers at work” i remember you behind that counter.. how many things have changed since then ehh..

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