48 hours later and I’m still in pain. I wonder whether it’s normal to still be downing painkillers after 2 days.

Anyway, my mind is elsewhere right now. I’m thinking about my sister, her husband and her lovely little daughter who are on a plane on the way to the UK. My adorable 2 year old niece lost her hearing a year ago and has just had a cochlear implant implanted in her head. Tomorrow it will be switched on and, hopefully, she’ll regain her hearing to some degree! We’re all beyond excited! What happened to her has affected the whole family and I, for one, have learned not to take ANYTHING for granted. I am mum to a 4 year old girl and although I try not to worry, I inevitably spend hours pondering worst case scenarios involving her. What happened to my niece has strangely put everything in perspective…we are lucky to have what we have, whatever that is. No matter how bad you think your situation is, there’s always someone who is worse off than you and nobody, absolutely NOBODY is free of worry or problems.

Now back to the Manchester Airport website…


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