Reporting from the wild west

So I’m back at work today. I run my sister’s shop in the oldest shopping complex on the island. The whole complex is quite dated but our shop is really cool. It is young and fresh and we have a following. Things could definitely improve but overall we can’t complain. If only it was located somewhere else!

The location of this shop gives me much grief. To start with, business would be much better if we were out of here. Also, the manager of this complex is the clone of Mr Fawlty from Fawlty Towers. Anyone familiar with the series will know that having a manager of that kind doesn’t do much good. One of the things he insists on doing is putting the radio on a really high volume throughout the complex and on the crappiest of radio stations. Today I’m being forced to listen to country music (which i hate). I usually put on a dvd in the shop to drown the racket coming from outside but today the dvd player decided to go bust! I feel like crying.

Another thing that I hate about this shop is some of the customers. Being in this complex means that some older people walk in and that means certain challenges for whoever is serving them (in this case, yours truly). I will be writing the funniest instances I come across as I go along…writing about them is what keeps me sane.

I just had one of my nicest customers come in. He’s British and buys his papers from us daily when he’s on the island. We discuss politics in his country every single day and every single day he voices his disapproval of Gordon Brown. I nod and agree with whatever he says because he’s the kind who gets me Lindt chocolates every time he goes back home to England…call me shallow but good chocolate is a good motivator in my books!



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  1. Chocolate is everything, especially Lindt!

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