New hair, new life?

I’ve done it! I’m a redhead! πŸ™‚ I still can’t believe I’ve gone ahead with it! I feel like a new person and for the first time in my life I feel completely comfortable with my hair colour. I was born dark blonde, became a brunette and went back to blonde(ish) but always felt like an impostor. It’s amazing what hair colour can do to the way a person is perceived. I am not the type of person who likes drawing attention to herself and always try to blend in with the crowd. The new colour has undoubtedly drawn a lot more attention than I’m used to and I’m positive that a lot of people who came to the shop this morning raised an eyebrow or two although a lot of them said I looked fresh and radiant (yes, thanks to double the usual amount of makeup) and that pleases me no end! My bubble was burst when one of my dearest friends (being gay means he’s very honest and has good taste so I trust his judgement) came to the shop, told me it looked good and then compared my clothes to those of Tweety’s grandma!! Next step is buy new clothes and throw out all I have, which isn’t much.

My niece is back and can finally hear! Everyone keeps calling her and playing music and making sounds so they see her reaction…sometimes she does, sometimes she doesn’t and I don’t blame her. Sometimes I wish I could just switch off the audio myself!

I mentioned that I had set myself 6 resolutions for this year. So far I’ve ticked one (the blog) and started working on a second (update my ‘style’). The third one, and possibly the most important one, is to move on professionally. Tomorrow I will be sending my application for a job I very much want to do and think I would be good at. I am writing this because, so far, everything I’ve written has somehow become more concrete so here’s hoping this brings me luck…



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  1. Cool red heads have more fun than blondes ;;) in the process of deciding if I want to dye mine black or red myself

  2. Gd luck with your dream job πŸ™‚

  3. A fabulous, brand new blog, a drastic change in hair colour and potential a brand new job and it’s only the second week of January!

    Go for it sabiha, I believe in you!

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