Marriage and short hair

Today a friend of mine who hasn’t seen me in a while asked me whether I had cut my hair short and why oh why does there seem to be an unwritten law that requires women on this island to chop off their hair and generally let themselves go the moment the wedding ring is on their finger. I don’t know whether it’s the same the world over but here it seems to be a must to look 20 years older seconds after the confetti hit the floor.

My hair was long and still is but his question made me think. I got married less than four months ago and I suddenly felt the need to change my image. My motivation isn’t the quest for comfort or vanity (well, maybe a tiny bit of the latter) but an attempt to find the real me. When I had my daughter almost 5 years ago (where has the time gone???) I gave up my previous, more ‘exciting’ life on a larger (but still miniscule) island and together with my previous job, house and lifestyle I gave up the idea I had of myself. I suddenly became the provider of food, clothes, love and protection for a defenceless baby and forgot who I was in the process. Meeting my husband a couple of years ago reminded me I was an individual with my own dreams and needs and, though it’s taken me some time, I am finally reclaiming my identity. The beginning of the new year might have provided the momentum but the inspiration and the will to better myself came from the man who chose to spend his life with the undersigned, something only a very brave and loving man could have done.

On a lighter note, I’ve decided to start writing down my (mis)adventures at work. Here’s one from yesterday…

Customer (in her 60s): I need an anniversary card. 5th anniversary, for my son.
Me: Ok, that would be Wood Anniversary. Let me get it for you.
Customer: (she looks at me wide-eyed) wood? A wooden card? I’m not sure my son would like that!
It took me a good 10 minutes trying to explain the different elements related to wedding anniversaries and that the 5th anniversary corresponds to wood. In the end she opted for an open card as she was sure her son would be offended by the reference to wood. Yes, really!!


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  1. Had it been a silver anniversary, am sure that the son would not have been offended, if he found some references to where maybe he could get some silver… :p
    Had it been a gold anniversary, the card would may have contained a treasure map..

    I am sure that the old lady would have been more bewildered and surprised, if she was told the above.. lol

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