Down the Rabbit Hole

I am at home with my husband and Munchkin and instead of doing some much-needed housework, I am online looking up pictures and ideas for the little one’s 5th birthday party…which is about 7 weeks away! The thing is I am a big fan of Alice in Wonderland…the story, the Disney cartoon, of Lewis Carroll and I just CAN’T WAIT for Tim Burton’s film which will coincidentally be out round Munchkin’s birthday. I have finally convinced her to watch the Disney film and she loved it (she’s very loyal to Angelina Ballerina and Peppa Pig) and she’s very excited about the idea of having a tea party like the Mad Hatter’s (minus the dormouse). I came across the following pictures from a blog and I can’t get over how beautiful and perfect (and impossible to achieve on this island) everything is!
Alice in Wonderland party



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  1. Here is a simpler version that you might be able to duplicate on Gozo!

  2. thanks nanette! i had missed that post!

  3. that party looks like something i would throw for even my adult friends!!! it looks like so much fun. Thankfully we do have the benefits of online shopping these days. There are a couple of party shops in Malta with good party stuff. One in particular is in Rabat. He has a lot of original things !!!

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