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I’m at the shop and it’s incredibly quiet, so after ticking off the last item on my ‘to do’ list I got a Bounty (I know…I can feel my arse expanding as I’m writing this) and for some unknown reason went to a gossip website to have one of my famous ‘5 minute’ breaks (which usually stretch to 15 minutes).

So I came across a feature about Nadya Suleman (a.k.a. Octomom) and how she lost all her baby weight in one year and now looks like a 20-year old model. There are before and after photos. The ‘before’ looks positively scary. Let’s not forget she was carrying eight babies! What’s unbelievable, though, is the fact that she insists she lost it all by exercising. Let’s for one second assume that she is telling the truth (yeah, right), when would someone with a total of 14 kids find the time to exercise???

This afternoon I ended up snapping at my very patient husband for leaving his stuff lying around. After two hours sweeping, scrubbing, hanging laundry, folding laundry, ironing clothes, putting things away, picking up Munchkin from school and trying to eat something in between before going back to work I found myself counting the hours left till bedtime. I can’t possibly imagine how someone in her situation would find the time or energy to exercise, let alone put in the huge amount of hours of work needed to get a body like she has now. Maybe I’m terrible at time management and I might even be lazy but it just doesn’t add up.

There, I had to get that off my chest! If anyone knows her secret, please drop me a line!



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  1. She has nannies to look after all her kids. Next you’ll want to figure out is where is her money coming from and how she managed to hire nannies when she’s not even employed. If I have a nanny to look after my kid, I’d have enough time to do workouts to look good for the press and get more publicity = hopefully more money into the cash register. 😉

  2. hmm i guess you’re right…of course i knew it all along, but somehow i can’t believe a woman can have so many children (and be a single parent) and not want to spend quality time with each of them and take care of them herself. i’m not against having help, but this is too much. my opinion of course.

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