The glamorous life

I’m at work, inputting endless sheets of data and my right hand is numb from the cold. Today is supposed to be the coldest day so far on the islands. I am feeling frumpy. My hair needs a good wash, I’m not wearing makeup (which makes me feel naked), my nose is runny (disgusting, I know) and my clothes still look like those Tweety’s grandma would wear. So I’m alternating the data-inputting with reading Garance Dore’s blog from day 1. I’m totally addicted to her blog and love her illustrations. Most of all, though, I love her life. The glamour, the clothes, the travelling…ah what a life! On the other hand, I will be cuddling at home with my man and Munchkin in a couple of hours, hearing what the little one has to say about her first jazz dance lesson this morning and I remember that, after all, I love MY life too!



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  1. I remember that, after all, I love MY life too!

    i, like you love reading other peoples blogs and admiring their life which is so different to mine however then i think that there are people who probably wish they had certain aspects of my life too….

    ….and i am sure the same goes to you !!! =)

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