Hot chocolate and loose teeth

So, here’s the list of the food ingested (and not necessarily digested) yesterday:
thick hot chocolate with cinnamon* (made by my very good friend Godwin) (this hot chocolate deserves a post in its own right)
rice with sundried tomato,fresh cream and sausage sauce (made by my husband, who happens to be an excellent cook)
40gr roasted almonds
half a small tub light yogurt (chocolate and nuts)
mango tea
ravioli with tomato & garlic sauce

I could do better, but awareness of what I’m devouring is the first step towards a healthier diet…one hopes.

Big news yesterday! Brushing Munchkin’s teeth before bedtime I noticed a loose tooth!!!! I was instantly filled with excitement, pride and nostalgia for the little baby she used to be and will never be again. She’s growing so fast it’s almost scary.

Got to rush to work!

*I was told off by a friend who owns a gym and is, not surprisingly, heavily into body building and fitness: “Your description of that hot chocolate is just wrong, wrong, wrong! It sounds like you’re describing an orgasm! You need to have more sex!” Ehm. Yes.



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  1. that hot chocolate…looks..sooo good. The best hot choc i ever tasted was in Florence in the piazza near the duomo. I wonder if this one would top it !!! 🙂

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