11 months later

For our honeymoon, last October, we went to Italy, France and Spain. The most memorable days? The ones in Paris of course! We just had to go back on the Tower and take a photo of the proposal…11 months later. Only, it had been painted over, so we took this photo in the same spot instead. Happy times!



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  1. sucks they painted over it….when you think about it, it make you wonder what the person who painted over the proposal must have thought hehe !! well it makes me wonder at least hehe…

  2. i know al…i was very disappointed not to find it. whoever painted over it must have seen hundreds of proposals! thanks nanette, The Man took that 🙂

  3. Well hello! I love your blog. Thanks for the nice comment on my new blog. Your wp them was my other choice!! Now how am I supposed to get anything done now that I’ve found your lovely blog?? See you here and on Twitter indeed ~ Laura

    p.s. what about adding that RSS widget so folks (like moi) can easily add your blog to their feeder. I know, only bloggn’ for one day and I’m already giving unsolicited advice :o)

    • hi laura, thank you so much! as you well know, every comment good or bad is encouraging at this stage! and thank you for the advice, unsolicited or not makes no difference. still very valid especially because i’m really a technophobe (keep that to yourself) 😀 let me do the RSS thingy you suggested…no idea what it really means but if it’s there it must serve a purpose. i’m using http://www.bloglovin.com to follow the tens of blogs i’m suddenly addicted to!

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