I’m an addict

First it was Facebook, then Twitter and now it’s the 20 plus blogs I follow closely (and obsessively at times). I’m an addict. I’m addicted to Godwin’s hot chocolate (as all my acquaintances and Facebook friends now know), peanut butter and the blogs of the lovely ladies I follow (though at times it feels like I’m stalking them discreetly).

Why do I love blogs so much and why are the ones I keep following always written by women? It’s not just that these bloggers share my interests (read obsessions) and problems (almost always child-related)…these are all amazing women who are an inspiration to me. Some of them I don’t have that much in common with, like the fashionista who  discusses the merits of clogs (www.garancedore.fr) or the adorable half of the couple who is having a hard time starting their family but is chronicling her brave approach to fulfilling her dream (http://vegafamily.wordpress.com/).

Then there are those whose lives seem to mirror mine (to an extent), or vice versa. Why would I follow these one would ask? Because these girls have taken what they’ve been given and made the best of it and they keep striving for better, greener pastures and that inspires me. My favourites are http://journeysofmangonett.blogspot.com, www.gourmetworrier.com and http://littlebrownpen.blogspot.com. And for showing me the light at the end of the tunnel, I thank these ladies. May I reach your level of blog-awesomeness!



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  1. I started out a facebook addict, but recently deleted my account. But I have to agree, I LOVE blogs! Especially as a Stay-At-Home Mom, it’s great to read about and share experiences with others going through the same thing.

  2. Your pretty amazing already bella!

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