Monday Blues

It’s Monday morning, I’m back at work and the highlight of my morning is Godwin’s hot chocolate, which I’m eagerly awaiting. I’m lacking inspiration and I don’t feel like doing anything. Monday blues?

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  1. ok … where can I get this fabulous hot chocolate from?? next time I am in Gozo i will take the boi there and we get one hehe… maybe it will be a new addiction LOL 🙂

  2. I beat monday blues by shopping at franks 🙂 You should have done the same 😛

  3. i go shopping at franks once every three weeks, and it always helps my self-esteem…

    • i used to work there so i know exactly what you’s a happy place and i love makeup, fragrances and skincare products. i study all magazines religiously for new products…i just don’t buy them anymore (only the necessary ones i do).

  4. am still in that phase of experimenting and trying knew things.. In fact i bought some new products today which I am soooo looking forward to use haha

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