The Italian job

A couple of days ago Dita Von Teese performed a striptease at the San Remo Festival in Italy. Now, having grown on an island just off Italy I was raised on pasta and  Italian television and I know that to say that the Italians are used to women exposing their bodies on television is an understatement. Which is part of the reason why I don’t watch their channels anymore…I feel insulted by the fact that they can’t even sell coffee without using the image of a half (make that 3/4s) naked woman. Still, when I found out that Dita was going to perform at their famous festival I decided I couldn’t miss it. I made sure The Man stayed up too (yes, I’m the ideal wife) and had him wake me up when it was her turn to go on stage (by then it was almost midnight and I was fast asleep on the sofa). I’m a big fan of Dita…I follow her on Twitter and just love her style and also her wit. She’s elegant, intelligent and has class. It might sound like I’m contradicting myself but she’s very different from the wannabes littering Italian tv channels. Her clothes are to die for and I love the fact that she’s got the palest of skins and yet looks so good and polished all the time. I’m so tired of the sunbed and plastic surgery lot!

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  1. Totally agree with your opinion of Dita! She is fabulous!

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