Take a deeeep breath

And it’s Saturday again. Where are the weeks going?! I woke up with a slight sense of panic (which is sure to intensify during the day) and a racing mind. My thoughts are coming in (going out?) so fast and thick that I cannot translate them into words…so here are some pictures to give you an idea of what’s exciting me and freaking me out today:

I’m inspired by this stunning face. I’m also in love with The Photodiarist blog.
I really can’t wait to decorate the flat. This is one of the ideas for Munchkin’s room.
The living room is the area I am most anxious to have decorated FAST! We spend our days in here and this is what I would like it to look like…clean and bright. (love love love the chair, mirror, print…everything!)
We’re late! We’re late! Munchkin’s birthday is fast approaching. This is what her party looks like in my dreams.
I’m developing a slight obsession with tea sets…Alice syndrome?


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  1. awww i LOVE the deer/squirrel vinyl! wall stickers are such good ideas, so versatile too 🙂

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