Missing you

I should open the shop in less than 45mins and I’m still at the computer, in my pyjamas, trying to catch up on missed reading. We’ve decided. Today we will buy the paint and all the paraphernalia needed to paint the living room. I’ll let you know whether we actually get down to the painting business…

Today I’m missing my bestest of best friends. She’s the older sister I never had (I’ve got a younger sister and two older brothers). I love her dearly and I miss her. I also miss her husband and daughter (one of my goddaughters, with amazingly curly hair I want to snip off and stick to my head), but mostly her. They live on the other island and come over at the weekend but not that often anymore. We can’t ever seem to find the time to go over to theirs because we work throughout the weekend. Sigh. These guys have stuck by me through thick and thin and at a certain point I spent more time at their place than mine, way back when we were neighbours on the same island. They’re the family I chose for myself (as the saying goes). I’ll leave you with a link to her website…apart from being the best friend one could possibly wish for, Miriam is also a very talented soprano and to say that I’m proud of her achievements is a gross understatement. I’m counting the days till we can meet again and catch up over some green tea (she’s soooo much better at eating right than I am).

A plus tard…

ps- visibility is about 4 metres outside…i’m going to be so late! :-/



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  1. I know the feeling when you have a close friend but rarely see each other. But your true friendship overcomes the distance as long as you both know you are there for each other in time of need.

    Talented is an understatement when describing Miriam…she is amazing πŸ™‚ wonderful voice teacher, wonderful performer, wonderful person. πŸ™‚

    Ok i am going to stop now coz I am beginning to sound weird LOFL


  2. haha no you’re not. you’re right on all counts. we’re very lucky to have her in our lives. she’s special.

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