En garde!

March has started and spring seems to have already started here. I could have worn short sleeves yesterday and I’m the type of person who is always cold. Apart from the warmer temperatures and the sunny days, spring also means that summer is round the corner and that means wearing less layers of clothing. The other day Munchkin took photos of me while doing housework (one photographer in the family wasn’t enough!) and when I saw the photos I was horrified. I knew I had put on weight but I still was shocked by how I looked. So I took two decisions: buy a full length mirror (we don’t have one as yet so I can only ever see from my shoulders up) and start to do some sort of exercise. I’ve been saying I will start exercising for the past five years but am still all intentions and no action. The eternal question is when to find time to do some sort of exercise and also what type of exercise should I do. The only thing I can picture myself doing is walking and not because it’s my favourite thing to do, because it’s not.

The only sport I stuck to and really really loved was fencing. Unfortunately I had to give it up when I found out I was pregnant (my fencing master didn’t think it would be safe to continue) and then couldn’t pick up where I had left because by then I had moved and there are no fencing clubs on this wretched island. In fact, there’s very little one can do on this rock. Most people seem to go to the gym, which is my idea of modern day torture. I get bored very easily and the thought of spending an hour repeating movements while staring at a wall (or even worse a mirror) would drive me crazy.

As for finding the time to go walking…let’s see. Should I go at 5am before I start my day at 5.30am? Maybe I could go without lunch and go after work, before picking up Munchkin from school? Or I could go at 9.30pm after all my work is done and Munchkin’s asleep (assuming The Man’s not working)? Hmm.



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  1. what about some exercise at home? there are a couple of dvds you could follow and they really work. They worked for me..

  2. btw they are fun.. mainly they consist of dance moves πŸ˜›

  3. the one I exercise with is ‘pump it up’, there are some excerpts on youtube. I can make a copy for you and hand it to you on friday afternoon

  4. trust me they are fun and they have some funny but effective moves as well hehe.. cu fri πŸ˜€

  5. Hi! But you are not fat!!! But I know a few extra kilos can make us feel so much fatter… This was a big issue for me… I too tried to sometimes to follow a dvd… and generally got the girls to ‘hop’ around with me. It’s good fun! But what I found to be most effective is…. to eat like someone who is thin… (I had read this advice somewhere..) ie, eat everything but in smaller… sometimes much much smaller portions and limit snacking …. Good luck!
    PS I haven’t shrunken to XXS but I like me better with a few kilos less.

  6. there are so many lovely gorgeous beautiful places you can go walk in Gozo. I love going walking there in the weekends…..in nice weather obviously. It’s the motivation to get off my arse and put on my walking shoes and clothes that puts me off sometimes LOL….

  7. lol…OBSESSED OBSESSSEEDDD :p….. i don’t blame you… Alice in Wonderland is wonderful πŸ˜€

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