Fat ladies and cakes

Hello friends! I must apologise for being so random lately but after my freaking out session last Sunday morning, we finally started preparing for Munchkin’s party. Who would have thought that a simple tea party out in the countryside would be so much work? Every year I swear we’ll keep it simple and yet the parties seem to get more logistically challenging every year. All I have on my mind right now are teapots, petit fours, table rentals and the weather forecast so I’ll share with you a couple of snippets from yesterday.

I spent the afternoon running around town with Munchkin. We went to 5 shops and bought things for her from every shop: two pairs of shoes (she’s been living in her running shoes poor girl), a birthday gift for another friend of hers (the second one this week), more party supplies and cake decorating paraphernalia worth a small fortune (it’s a family tradition that my very talented sister makes Munchkin’s birthday cakes). In between all this we stopped for a snack and just as we sat at our table, my dear (not so discrete) daughter exclaims “Look Mama, that lady’s really fat. She must have a baby in her tummy!”. I wanted to die! She was referring to a pregnant woman at the table next to us. Thankfully, the lady didn’t seem to mind being called fat and two seconds later Munchkin got extra brownie points when she (again, not so discretely) said “Thank you Jesus for the lovely food!”. Her prayers all consist of one sentence. There’s the one above and “Thank you Jesus for the lovely day” which is her bedtime prayer. The people at our neighbouring tables all cooed and the ‘fat lady’ remark was forgotten.

Last year's cake was of Angelina Ballerina.Decorated and hand painted by my sister (free hand may I add!).

Later, I was patiently waiting for the party supply shop owner to come and help me out when I spot jelly babies in the shape of baby Jesus. I did a double take. Baby Jesus sweets?! That’s just wrong. I almost called Munchkin over to share my disbelief with her but stopped myself just in time. Also, in the morning I was at work and, after buying a card, a customer asked me to put it in the envelope. While I was doing it he exclaimed “Not with spit!”. I was disgusted and thought it was a tad rude to shout the word spit in a shop but I should know better by now. You get all sorts in a shop, just like you get all sorts of sweets at a sweet shop.



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  1. What a lovely cake – v well done to Charmaine! Kisses and hugs to Munchkin πŸ™‚ Hope you had a wonderful time!

    • i’ll pass on the message! πŸ™‚ that’s last year’s cake…the theme was Angelina Ballerina so it was all pink and tutus and little mouselings πŸ˜€ this year you know what it will be…and look out for the cake! it’s promising to top last year’s.

  2. i’m feeling the pressure now! I hope God will make wonders with my hands as I don’t have a clue how ill finish it!

  3. Heh I can imagine! Good luck Char! If it’s as yummy as it looks, then I’m sure you’ll do just great!

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