till kingdom come

Today it’s been 5 months since our wedding. It feels like a lot longer than just a few months, but then again it feels like we’ve been together a lifetime and it hasn’t even been two years yet. I just want to tell the world how lucky I feel to have not only met my husband, but met him when I did and how I did. Had it happened any other way or at any other point in my life, I wouldn’t be here to write about our first five months as a married couple. The road leading to him was long and full of trials but I thank God it was because the reward was so much better than I ever thought it would be. In my husband I found the most generous of people, my best friend, my most avid supporter, an artist who shares my view of the world, a father to my daughter and a person I could love unconditionally. I don’t know what I brought to his life, apart from a lot of new responsibilities and a lot of early nights, but I know that he has lit up mine. I thought I was happy before I met him. I thought I would have never loved anyone again other than my daughter. I was wrong.



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  1. sometimes you just have to believe.. things will fall back in place at one point in time xx

  2. uwe uwe !! how romantic! 😀

  3. silly! i was in a soppy mood 🙂 especially cos he was at work 😦

  4. It’s not silly or soppy.
    I’m very very happy for you.
    Keep this handy for the less perfect moments. They are part of every marriage and will be of yours because we are all human.
    and again… I’m really happy that you are happy with this man.

  5. I love this post! I am so touched by your words!

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