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Part of my job at the shop is to order the cards we sell. It’s my favourite part of the job because I get to see hundreds, thousands actually, of cards and choose the ones I love the most. It’s like going shopping without actually spending anything (well, it’s the shop that spends). Of course, one has to try and accommodate all tastes and that’s no mean feat on this island let me tell you! However I find myself veering towards the more graphic ones, the handfinished and the photographic ones which are my favourites. My absolute favourite at the moment is the one pictured below. It’s not that I’m wishing it was summer (you’d never be able to wear jeans on a beach in summer on this island, anyway) because I hate summer here. I think it must be the colours, the simplicity of it and also the wish to spend some time just lying back and enjoying the sound of music. Oh, and I LOVE the shoes too!

Radio Waves by Ant Strack


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  1. It has a very calm feel to it. Also retro with the radio and the shoes. I like it 🙂 I just don’t know what occasion I’d use it for!

    • it’s blank inside so you can use it for whatever you want. i’d suggest ‘bon voyage’, retirement, random message to a friend, to someone who’s recovering from an illness…possibilities are endless really.

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