All’s well that ends well

Aaaaand I’m back! Last time I wrote I was freaking out about being late with preparations for the famous tea party for Munchkin and about having to have it at home. Little did I know that the worst of the stress was yet to come.

Saturday morning was spent finishing the decorations (cardboard clocks to be hung on the walls, a giant Cheshire Cat puzzle, scraps of fabric to be hung with pegs from the ceiling, butterflies, ‘eat me/drink me’ labels for the food and drinks to name but a few) and shopping for ingredients. I was very short-tempered (which is normal when I’m stressed or worried it seems) and The Man was very patient, as always. Then disaster struck. He hurt his back carrying tables up two floors (there is no lift in our block). He’s been in bed since, which is a first for him. He had never called in sick at work and didn’t even know what he had to do! His injury meant two things. I was now also worried about him and the show had to go on without him. For the first three years of Munchkin’s life I was single and thought nothing of doing things on my own. There was never a man to help me load the car while the baby screamed in her car seat or anyone to get up in the middle of the night to feed her but me so why was I suddenly feeling so overwhelmed? The truth is that I’ve since learned to let go and have started to rely on him for a lot of things. Sunday dawned and he was paralysed in bed (he’s slowly getting better). Thankfully my parents came over and my mother helped with the preparations but it wasn’t the same without him. I never tell him this but I just know that things will turn out fine when he’s around. To make matters worse, the weather was even worse than I had thought…I didn’t realise this because I’d been cooped up at home since the previous day but it was pouring outside and it was really REALLY windy.

Five minutes before the little guests started to arrive I was still frantically showering while brushing my teeth while cleansing my face. Then they started coming…all 21 little ones and another 20 grown ups. I never thought our living room could hold so many people but it did! The kids made a beeline for the table and sat down to eat the moment they arrived. I was a little surprised but was glad they were all so well-behaved and ‘calm’…or so I thought. They devoured the fruit and mini pizzas and 5 minutes later were jumping all over the room, throwing themselves on the large cushions we used as seating for them. They were having fun but I felt like Alice must have felt in Wonderland. I felt lost and confused. Thank God for my parents and The Man’s parents (who took over and guided the kids through the games we had prepared). Three hours later it was all over and boy was I relieved! Later that night before sleeping Munchkin told us she had had the best day of her life.

It might have not turned out the way we had planned it, but the end result is the one we had hoped for. I just wish The Man could have enjoyed it with us.

The cake, lovingly decorated by my sister.

ps- I’ll upload some photos later as I am having problems with that right now. That’s another thing that didn’t go as planned… I had assumed our photographer would be in the living room with us and not immobile in bed. Oh well, all’s well that ends well (that’s an awful lot of ‘wells’).



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  1. lol glad you survived… and OMG that cake!!!!! amazing!!!

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