The blogging bug

There’s a bug going round and it’s not the one I must have caught and which has floored me for the past two days. It’s the blogging bug I’m on about. My husband is the latest patient. He’s still at home recovering from his injured back (it’s like a hospital in here) and after having watched about 50 films in 5 days, he decided to start his own blog. I am the biggest fan of his photography and also his harshest critic. He amazes me everyday with his creativity and that’s why I am very proud to introduce his blog workingwithlight. Hope  you like it!

one of my husband's million and one photos from paris


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  1. Thank you wife. Thanks for speaking so highly of me

  2. wow amazing pics!!!

  3. Great blog!! I am now following along. Thanks for the intro, Maureen.

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