At last!

Hello everyone! I’m back and have I got news for you! Yesterday was the first day I left the house and, after a few manic hours in the morning trying to run the errands I should have last week, I met my sister and we went to the other island to see Alice in Wonderland. At last! I don’t really know what to tell you about it except that it was all I expected it to be and a little bit more. We saw it in 3D, which meant that both of us left the cinema with sore eyes and a headache, but it was worth it a hundred times over. I always knew that Tim Burton was a genius and this film just confirmed it. The funny thing is that out of all the film, there is one particular scene that keeps replaying in my head and it’s of the Mad Hatter getting a needle out of his pin cushion ring he’s wearing and using it as a weapon during a fight. That little detail was pure genius. And what to say about Johnny Depp and Helena Bonham Carter? They outdid themselves, as did all the other actors. Mia Wasikowska is one lucky girl!

My sister and me before the film

Apart from loving the film, my sister and I had a great time together. She’s one of the few people I can be the silly me with and feel completely at ease. On our way back to our normal lives on this island, she asked me “So does Wonderland really exist then?”. I’m sure she was joking but I found myself replying “Of course it does!” and I realised that I meant it.



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  1. There used to be a wonderland at St. Lukes. Stayed in it a few times when I was a kid. So technically….it does exist :-p hehe

    ok lame i know.. sorry lol


  2. Loved the end of your story!

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