Friends, love and babies

This is what’s on my mind today:

My best friend Miriam Cauchi (a.k.a. il-Mirs). Today is the premier of her latest opera and I won't be able to go. Break a leg Mirs!x
Spending some quality time with my husband.I've said this before but I'll say it again: we need to make more of an effort!
Getting fit again. After 6 years of no exercise, my body is DESPERATE for some toning. And in case you were wondering...babies are on my mind too.


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  1. kemm ghandek mohhok hafif qed inghid dalghodu… I already downed 2 cups of black coffee and gone through a couple of pages of notes..

    jealous jealous jealous

    ps i ll be seeing you the coming weekend 🙂 🙂

  2. mmm they are important but those aspects of life (physical training and relationships) usually HAUNT me at night not in the morning lol..

    You ll be seeing me for sure… I am going to buy the paper from your shop.. Would you be kind enough to keep hold of a copy of the times (both the UK and Malta one)?

    Merci beaucoup

  3. Yep, I kinda picked up on the baby thing a couple of months ago 😀

  4. Is that a bridal magazine mau heh? Good luck for everything else xxx

  5. I’ll come to see you on sunday too…and I’ll bring 3 helpers to help you rearrange things a bit (I don’t know if you need that, by any way, you’ll see they will find something that’s not quite all right). After, maybe, you’ll want a baby sooner or a little bit less soon…

  6. yes … with all 4 girls!

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