Let there be light!

Yesterday we had a power cut. Nothing really extraordinary I thought…after all, we did grow up with at least one every week and it never got in the way of everyday life. Not yesterday. I was (still am) pre-menstrual (i.e. a foul-mouthed monster) and had planned to do the housework in the late afternoon after having a picnic and walk in the countryside with The Man and Munchkin (not very typical of me to come up with the idea of a picnic). The power cut meant that we were delayed in our search for a supermarket with a working generator (unbelievable but true) as we also had to do our weekly shopping. We finally got home, by which time I was hoping the electricity would have made an appearance but I was wrong. I huffed and I puffed and I snapped at everyone and everything in sight. I ended up postponing the cleaning spree for today and wasn’t pleased at all. Then I realised what an arse I was being and told myself off. What made me change my attitude and mood was overhearing The Man telling Munchkin, while they were playing with a balloon, “We can play with the balloon but we must be very very quiet, so mama doesn’t hear us. Otherwise she’ll get upset!”. And there they were, the two persons who light up my days, watching their every move and sound so they wouldn’t upset me! That brought me back to planet Earth. From then on it was an adventure…lighting candles all over the place, trying to find charged batteries for torches, dancing YMCA in the dimly lit kitchen, cooking and eating by candlelight and watching a dvd in bed on the laptop, which was the highlight of the evening. Halfway through the film, the electricity came back but we switched everything off and remained all huddled together in bed with the candles on, waiting for the the laptop battery to run out. Not only that but The Man just suggested that we pretend there’s no electricity more often as it was so much fun! I had to agree…I just have to get the housework done first.



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  1. sometimes you just need a reality jolt I guess… I am sure you made up for your bad mood though. 🙂 Sounds like it was a very pleasant evening in the end 😀

  2. aww that sounds like fun! I always loved power outs when I was a kid.

    Thanks for your sweet comment on my “working wardrobe”. Be sure to check out my first Giveaway! 🙂

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