Old age and gratitude

What is WRONG with me?! I got all misty-eyed at work and even blew a kiss to a customer. Ok, let me explain or you might think I’m losing my marbles (I’m not saying I’m not, just that what I did is a reaction to what he said). This particular customer is in his eighties and is a British who comes to the island for months at a time with his wife. When here, he comes to the shop everyday for his papers and cards. Today, on his way out of the shop he turned round and told me “You know, I’m happy. I’m very happy.” and he had tears in his eyes. He went on to explain that he’s free from any illnesses which is not very common at his age and that all his children and grandchildren are healthy and also that he’s been happily married for almost sixty years. He was so grateful for all his life brought him that he moved me to tears. Literally. I know it’s those hormones again, but still…you’ve got to love the positivity some people carry with them.

photo by RozzieM


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  1. well it gives me hope to be honest…it’s true when you are hormonal you cry for everything but i can so understand why you would cry to something like this. It is sooo hopeful.

    Thanks for sharing

  2. I do not think it is hormonal. If it so, I should check my testosterone level loool..

    People like this remind us that life is worth living.. There would be ups and downs in life but it is that smile we see on someone else’s face that urge us to continue to struggle and aim for a more positive attitude

  3. What a lovely attitude! All we’re good at sometimes is just complaining and seeing the glass half empty!

  4. A beautiful post that moved me to tears too. And I know it’s not hormones. Why, oh why can’t I see the half full glass?

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