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My favourite magazine, as I’ve already said time and again, is LivingEtc. I read every issue religiously and have a small collection which I keep referring to and rereading. One of the houses featured in this magazine some four years ago was that of the Novogratz family. I remember the article clearly and I also remember my first reaction to their house…this was one cool place to live in. What cemented the Novogratz’s in my memory, however, was the fact that they had (at the time) six children. Six! Since then, they were featured in the same magazine another five times and now they have seven children in all. Seven! Ok, as you can see, I’m in awe of these people. Not only are they the most stylish interior designers on my radar (their property development company Sixx Design is wildly successful), but they are raising a large family (by anyone’s standards, I’m sure) while remaining laid back about all they do.

Yesterday I read a post about them in one of my favourite blogs named Bliss where I found out that a television show about them will start next week, only it’s on Bravo, a channel we don’t get. I’m hoping against hope that some other channel we do get will repeat the episodes. The lovely Mrs French of Bliss also quoted from the Novogratz’s latest book Downtown Chic and I was instantly overcome by a sense of guilt. Basically, the part she quoted was about how nowadays we raise our children in an over-protective and sometimes restrictive environment, about how much freer we were as children and how much of the success of our generation is due to our simpler, more adventurous childhoods. I like to think that I give my daughter more freedom than my parents gave me but reading this quote made me realise I sometimes give her no space to explore or use her imagination. Too often do I catch myself saying things like “Careful, you can hurt yourself!”, “Slowly does it!”, “Don’t run so fast!”, “Stay where I can see you!”. While I don’t expect her to sit and be quiet all the time, I don’t give her as much space, both physical and not, to experiment and learn things through practice. The Man is much better at that than me and I love him for it.

Back to the Novogratz family…I love all the places they’ve built and decorated especially their homes, which feature giant trampolines in the garden and an enclosed basketball court topped with a dome (bang in the middle of Manhattan) amongst other things. It must be great fun being one of their kids, that’s for sure! In my mind, our flat will look like their homes once we decorate (hopefully in this lifetime) and since we cannot afford their services I will have to resort to reading their book. Can’t wait to get my hands on a copy!

they even have a sunken giant trampoline outside their holiday home in New England!
The kitchen in their Manhattan home. *sigh*
The utterly fabulous Novogratz family


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  1. That does look lovely. My bf told me that he wants a big family too, “not the usual 2” and I said that as long as we can afford them comfortably then I’m fine with that. I’m one of 3 and I always liked having elder brothers.

  2. aww that’s so sweet giselle! i’m one of 4 so i understand what you mean. i really can’t imagine my life without my siblings, especially my younger sister. i do hope we’ll give Munchkin sibling/s…but everyone knows that by now! 😀

  3. Geez… 7 kids!! I dunno… I’m one of 5 and I’ve not even once dreamt of having more than 2 or 3 (max!!!) of my own!

    Having said that, I love their style. And I want that trampoline lol

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