We need a Ken

Munchkin and friend painting ‘tattoos’ on each other. Our fault for watching Miami Ink in her presence.
The Barbie harem. We just need a Ken now…
It’s such hard work being a kid…

Today was my day off and it started off with breakfast with the three of us (a rare occasion), taking Munchkin to school and a visit to one of the outdoor cafes in town for The Man and myself. Then it was time for him to go to work and for me to do the filing of the past 6 months…I did procrastinate a little much. Ahem.

After school we picked up Munchkin’s best friend who happens to be over from the other island for a few days. They’ve been catching up for the past three days and not an argument in sight…yet. These pictures are from yesterday and today. Ah, to be 5 again…



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  1. maa how cute! my niece loves wearing costumes whenever she can too lol, oh to be a kid again!!

  2. What fun to play for three days and lounge in front of the TV! And I hear you re: the filing – it’s something that I’ll be tackling shortly…

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