shoot me. NOW!

I’m at work and have a lot of paperwork to catch up on but  I MUST write about this…for the good of the shop and its customers. I need to get this out of my system NOW. I was just helping out a woman my age and she had her three year old in tow. We ended up discussing children and she told me she’s also got a one year old boy and is thinking about having a third (I was secretly jealous). I told her about Munchkin and then the unthinkable happened. She said (with a beaming smile may I add), “And you’re expecting a second one I see!”. My face fell, I felt all the blood in my body rush towards my face and I lost all feeling in my legs. This woman thought I was pregnant! PREGNANT!!! I’m still reeling from the shock of being thought pregnant. I repeat, pregnant! I blurted out something like “Well, not exactly…” and she went on and on about how great it is to have two kids and that she left work to be with them and listed all the things I will apparently be doing/giving up in the coming months because I’m pregnant.

I want to cry but can’t. I cannot have people think it’s my pregnancy hormones making me tear up.


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  1. :-S

    Ok I know how that feels, it happened to me but I laughed it off because the person who told it to me ended up being more embarrassed.

    If it’s any consolation from the photos I have seen u hekk you are NOT FAT….so the F word does not apply to you.

    However, I know that if you feel that way then no one can make you feel otherwise. If you are uncomfortable in your own skin then I agree about doing stuff to make you feel better.

    You have been trying to do something though right?

    • well i had started the ‘pump it up’ dvd thing, then i got sick, then i had a stiff neck, then i was on the go/out all day for another 5 days, then i got another bad stiff neck which i’m still nursing. so i haven’t been exercising.i’m back to eating low gi though…not very strict but am now considering following a food plan.

  2. my dear what a stupid woman!!! Com’on Maur! Let’s laugh it off…You are not fat! Maybe it was what you were wearing today… Maybe this will be of little consolation right now because you are understandably still shocked but …. it’s better than being asked if you are the grandma of the child or the mum 😉
    I think you need now a frapuccino or whatever from Godwin… to cheer you up.

  3. no harm in checking no? before I even knew I was expecting the twins I was at the skinniest I had ever been since 18, and a doctor told me oh, are you having twins? I was so convinced it was IMPOSSIBLE that it never even occured to me to check or even think about the possibility….two months later we found out we actually were expecting twins, and that they were already there at the time of the comment….how he could tell is beyond me.

  4. thanks sabiha, i needed to laugh today!

  5. I still have not commented on this post, but since you mentioned my name I would now put forward a statement or two 😛

    Most of the time it is cause of the clothes one wears. If you were wearing bright colours or wide stripes they would certainly be to blame.

    STOP MAKING EXCUSES FOR NOT DIETING!!! If you really want to fit into those pwetty dresses, show off your legs and enchant us with the way you look you would have to work hard.. (ohh god I am so enjoying this 😛 )

    But now since you are feeling nervous I suggest you take a small bar or rather a cube of a bar of dark chocolate. It always gets my spirits up high again.

    and now GO PUMP IT UP!!

  6. Who said anything about seeing you as fat? You could have that ‘glow’ all pregnant women seem to have in the beginning, no? And if you were sitting/standing behind the counter, I don’t think she could exactly tell you’ve gained weight from your waist upwards?

    And I don’t know you marky, but you’re third paragraph made me blush and feel embarrased for not working out myself heh!

  7. omg!!! i can’t believe she didn’t even give you chance to put it right either!

    i dont know you so i cant say either way what you look like (although from the picture you posted the other day, you didn’t strike me as even slightly overweight!!) – once you put the offence behind you, use it as further inspiration to get to the ‘summer body’ you want xx

  8. Mark sometimes you are the voice of reason & truth and i hate you LOL……

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