The accidental tourists

First of all, let me thank you all for being such darlings and cheering me up immensely yesterday following the whole pregnancy incident. I know I’m not fat and don’t really look pregnant but if one person thought I was and was so convinced that she actually congratulated me, it must mean that there are more people out there who think I’m expecting and that can only mean that I MUST lose the extra 5 kilos now and tone up. I can’t spend a summer of 40℃ covering up my newly-acquired curves.

So, after a morning of self-beating I had a salad (even eating that made me feel guilty) and then we went for a sight-seeing bus ride around the island. One of the first places The Man, Munchkin and I visited together was Barcelona, which remains one of our favourite cities. On that visit we had gone on a touristic bus ride on one of those double decker buses you can hop on and off wherever you want. When they finally introduced the service here a few months ago we all got excited at the idea of going on one, this time seeing places we see everyday, only from a different viewpoint (i.e. touristy and a storey high). Yesterday was the day I had promised Munchkin we would go and since we couldn’t go any earlier, we ended up doing only one third of the entire tour. The bus driver was very kind and let us get on without paying the total of €39 the tickets would have cost us, joking that The Man would have to let him park at the front of the ferry next time he’s traveling to the other island (my husband works as a Chief Officer on the ferries). We had a great time and Munchkin was overly excited. We looked more like tourists than the real tourists there were on board. The three of us didn’t stop taking photos throughout the 40 minute trip!

My loves, all windswept.
The other passengers must've thought we had just escaped from a mental institution. They were calmly observing the countryside and we were hopping from one seat to the other, three cameras snapping away.
The youngest photographer of the family.
This is my favourite time of the year...we finally get to see some green on an otherwise brown/beige island.

Then it was time for a snack and the swings (Munchkin and The Man screaming and playing and me rubbing my back against every pole in sight…I must have looked like a pervert but I’m massaging my back every way I can in a bid to get rid of the pain I am still in). I wish I could always find the perfect balance between work and play like yesterday…sans the ‘pregnancy’ bit.

ps – I’ve no idea why the photos have my husband’s watermark on them…I’m sure he wouldn’t like to claim my mediocre photos as his. Must be some technical glitch.



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  1. you mean those ladies at the front are actually tourists???? tajjeb ukoll.

    are you trying anything for your back? i was in atrocious pain some weeks ago and momendol really helped and made it pass… you get that in malta…heqhim, gozo? want me to send you some?

  2. i’ve been dying to do one of these tours!! totally have to get on one of those buses next time I’m over! What lovely quality family time 🙂

  3. I told my bf to do it once but at the price it is it’s almost one week of petrol :s … I also want to go on the train in Rabat the one that boards off near Roman Villa 🙂

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