So yesterday I finally had the doctor check my neck/back. He doesn’t think it’s a normal stiff neck after all. He suspects it’s a pinched nerve and is even considering putting me in one of those horrendous collars (SHOCK HORROR!!). I’m on new (ridiculously expensive) medication for a week and then we’ll see what will happen.

I am determined not to complain today…it’s Good Friday and, having been raised as a Catholic, I feel I have to be grateful for all I have and remember that someone else who actually gave up His life for me never complained one bit. What’s a pain in the neck compared to being nailed to a cross, right?

I must be off now as we’re meant to meet friends to go visit the seven churches and Munchkin is trying on all her clothes in a bid to find something sufficiently purple to match her favourite hair clips (which is a major breakthrough…she never wants anything in her hair).

A plus tard!



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  1. you do what you have to do imma Mau. Hopefully this medication will work though. But better to have a collar for a bit and to feel better after than be in pain for a long time.

    Good luck 🙂

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