a happy easter bunny

Good morning friends. How was your Easter? Mine was great, spent with family and good friends, copious amounts of food (if that lady thought I was pregnant last week, they’ll think I’m close to giving birth this week) and lots of relaxation. Yesterday was the first feast my husband and I spent together without either of us having to work. Usually one of us has to work but this time we were lucky. Also, I finally got to go to choir. Apart from meeting my old friends again (I’ve hardly been to sing the past two months), I got to sing my favourite repertoire. I won’t get started about sacred music because I suspect very few people would really get me…let me just say I’m at my happiest while singing with my choir. And one of the favourite pieces I got to sing was the one I’m attaching. Pure bliss.

Palestrina’s Super Flumina Babylonis


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