Lawyers and stair lifts

Yesterday I said that I would write more about the importance of lovies (or comforters, whatever they are called wherever you are) in our family but decided the post would need some appropriate photos so that has had to be postponed. I can’t wait for the photos though, because it’s a topic I have at heart.

I also had no time to write again yesterday because in the afternoon The Man and I had to go to the other island to visit a lawyer. There’s something very exciting we went to discuss with him but I can’t write about that either, for now. In any case, what could have been a nerve-wrecking experience turned out to be hilarious. First off, we had to go to his house because he’s old and is recovering from knee replacement surgery. So we arrive there, ring his doorbell and wait. And wait. And then we see him waving at us from a window on the first floor. So we waited and waited and waited and after about 5 minutes he comes out the front door (which was two gates away). So he tells us to go in and also to check his post box for him. When we made it to his poky office, my husband started nudging me and pointing (from under the desk) at a shelf behind the lawyer. It was full of books but the one that stood out was entitled ‘Konkubinagg’ (concubinage), which had us both in (silent) fits. Then we got down to business…a whole hour of the lawyer writing down long documents…all in his own handwriting. I thought we would grow old in there. Halfway through the visit, we got some comic relief. The lawyer’s wife arrived home and after a few shouted out greetings between the spouses, she went upstairs in one of those very slow and noisy stair lifts and since the staircase was right outside the office we couldn’t ignore the sound of the lift revving under the weight of its occupant. I had tears rolling down my cheeks by now…tears from stifling the laughter.

The biggest laugh came at the end, when he asked us for €118 for his services…and he isn’t even our lawyer! We did not ask to meet him, but he invited us over to discuss some things on behalf of others. It’s a little complicated to explain without giving away all the details, but in a nutshell, we did not expect to have to pay. I literally burst out laughing when he announced his fee! I guess I have found my match in my husband. We looked like two giggly teenagers instead of two adults in our mid-thirties.



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  1. did you pay him then?

  2. if you win the case you can ask for the refund of the expenses i guess

  3. Kemm qieghdin sew min jaf jarana !

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