A perfect afternoon

I meant to write again yesterday but was held up by a few things. This is how the afternoon was spent:

1.  pick up from school;

2.  Munchkin’s ballet lesson;

3.  baking cupcakes

They turned out an unusual shape, but the taste was the best so far.

4.  licking the bowl

She takes after her mother...

5.  eating the cupcakes

6.  playing ‘ballet school’

Munchkin explaining the choreography to her dad (a.k.a. The Saint).

7.  dinner time;

8.  bath and cuddle time;

9.  bedtime, during which Munchkin and I discussed the merits of a necklace we had seen on tv. I’m so proud of her…the girl’s got taste!

All in all, my kind of afternoon.



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  1. …and she’s back :-).

    Sounds like quite a wonderful afternoon. Those cupcakes do look like cupcakes though, or perhaps they look like muffins? hehe 🙂


  2. i think they were a hybrid 😀 we didn’t have time for icing so we just put some honey on top and sprinkled them with decorations. 😀 plus, they tasted of scones! maybe that’s why i loved them so much.

  3. That honey thing sounds like a good alternative although I DO love my icing hehe. Here are a few pictures to make you salivate :-p

    I hope they work 🙂


  4. Yummy!

    Sounds like you had a fantastic day, wish mine was as fullfilling! 😦


  5. Hello there 🙂 Glad to see you’re back


  6. I can see all’s well (or at least better) in your world 🙂 That sounds like a perfect afternoon, especially compared with the days I’m having lol!!

    • hi liz, thanks 🙂 can’t wait to see you back too. josepha, i’m better. nothing has changed, just my attitude. i hope i’ll keep this up. and don’t worry, you’ll soon be back to normal…it’s not a time i miss! 🙂

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