Happy Mother’s Day!

The other day my daughter told me that I “must do nothing” on mother’s day, because probably that’s what she was told to tell me at school. Well, I’m soon off to work and it will be a busy morning too what with the usual Sunday morning scramble for the newspapers and the last minute shopping for mums. In a way I’m grateful for that. Not only will time fly (here’s hoping), but on a day like today I feel like I’m on a mission…to save all those who forgot about Mother’s Day from embarrassment and to make sure all the mamas out there get the card and gift they deserve.

I wish all you mums (including those who have a child in baby heaven) out there a wonderful Mother’s Day, full of love and some pampering. And I thank my daughter for making me a mother. It’s the best thing that ever happened to me and it’s an honour raising such a special child.

photo by G. Saguna


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  1. Happy Mothers Day sabiha, it’s good to have you back x

  2. Hope you were pampered in the afternoon! Me, I’m still waiting for mine…hope the princesses will be in the land of dreams soon. Hugs!

  3. Great photo. I am a fan of your husband’s work. I follow his blog now . . .

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