I don’t know where the past three days have gone but I’ll try to summarise what I’ve been up to since I last wrote. So, Sunday I left you with a Mother’s day message, then sped off to work. It wasn’t as crazy as I thought it would be…thinking about it Saturday was the crazy, last minute purchases day (the sales for that day broke my personal record). After work, The Man, Munchkin and myself went to my parents’ for lunch where we were met by my sister and her family. The afternoon was spent with friends and at the theatre where Munchkin had a dance rehearsal for the show she will dance (read ‘wiggle her tiny bottom’) in next weekend.

Yours truly, mum, Munchkin and my sister. 3 generations, 3 different skin tones.

Monday morning I joined Munchkin on a school trip to Popeye’s Village. I had always wanted to go there but was a little disappointed when they had us parents in a room with coffee and bingo (bingo!!) while the kids did all the fun rides and watched puppet shows. I felt like an octogenarian.

The kids had all the fun...
...while we had to make do with bingo.

We returned home to find Munchkin’s room painted (FINALLY!) and my saint of a mum doing a ‘spot’ of cleaning (read ‘spring clean’). And thank goodness for that because while at Popeye’s Village, my neck froze again. I’m in the same pain I was just over a month ago and must wait another 2 weeks for my appointment with my therapist!

Yesterday I took the day off. In the afternoon we had a ‘guest’ who stayed over for three hours. I cannot yet go into details here but it wasn’t a friend who visited us, even though she was nice. It was a draining experience and there’s more stress coming our way. I will divulge when the time is right.

These couple of days also signalled a dramatic change in temperatures. It is now officially hot! Our summer has started so I also put away all the winter clothes and took out the summer ones. I realised I have 5 tshirts that still fit and a couple of dresses. Munchkin has 2 dresses, 2 skirts and 6 tshirts (she grew out of everything else she had) and my darling husband has 4 drawers packed with tshirts, around 12 trousers/bermudas and a few shirts. I think we need to redress the balance here!



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  1. “I think we need to redress the balance here!” I LIKE!!!!! hehe

  2. hahaha i tend to agree… i do need to buy some new stuff myself cause nothing seems to fit anymore…. but cash flow is lowwwwww

  3. You have an excellent excuse for a wild shopping spree! Go wild girl lol šŸ™‚

  4. By the way, were you winning in the picture? Cos you have a knowing smile on your face!!

    • i need to go shopping at least for the little one…lots of dresses is the brief! for myself,i feel guilty spending money but i guess i must cover my behind in something! and no i wasn’t winning…i was posing for the photo to show my husband because he’d have never believed i’d played bingo otherwise!i had to learn how to play and couldn’t keep up with them!!

  5. That’s a really lovely famiy photo šŸ™‚

    Re: summer clothes… tell me about it! I have everything in a suitcase and I have no idea what fits and what doesn’t =/

    • thanks g! about the clothes, i had to go through them all and ended up throwing out 80% of the clothes (to be fair, most of them were from 4 years ago when i was thinner…and they were old). now mum just phoned to let me know there’s more at her house i need to sort out (she actually said “throw out”). :-/

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