How deep do you like it?

I’m writing this while trying to recover some degree of alertness and strength following the most incredible massage I ever received in my life (and I have massages regularly). By the way, the massage finished almost 4 hours ago and usually I’m back to normal within an hour. Not today. The guy I went to today (my dear Olympia is abroad) massaged my shoulders and neck so deep that I was gasping for air at a certain point…and then I fell asleep during the last few minutes.

I wonder…will taking up yoga give me a body like Christy’s?

I’m a firm believer in the power of massages and my body cannot go for more than 6 weeks without one. And I’m not talking about the essential oil/soothing music/relaxing kind of massage. I need the kind that brings me close to tears (I did cry a couple of times but now I’m used to the pain) and leaves me feeling like a bowl of mush. While discussing my neck problem with this particular therapist he pointed out a few things I already was aware of (my neck is quite long, my posture not ideal, I need to drink more water and most of all, I MUST EXERCISE).

What surprised me was the number of ‘extras’ he put in, namely a bag of Epsom salts to have a bath with once a week (last time I had a bath was 2 days before I gave birth, over 5 years ago!), a drop of Arnica after the massage (to soothe the muscles), the number of another therapist who will do some Chinese cupping on my upper back (which creeps me out a little but I’m up for anything if it means less pain) and another session next week (practically free of charge) to follow up and when he will give me contacts for yoga classes, which he highly recommends to strengthen my core, and also a yoga dvd. Apart from that, he recommended a few supplements which will help prevent inflammation.

I’m sure there was more but my brain is all mushy right now and I can’t remember the rest of it!

ps – I just received a text from the guy where he reminded me that mine “will be a slow journey and will require work” from me. Hmm…it sounds like I have my work cut out for me.



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  1. ahhh he sounds really good.. will need his contact details very soon….

    qed nitghawweg :S

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