Inmate number 21

Warning: this post will only hold some interest to the mums out there. My apologies.

It’s no secret that I have recently been bursting at the seams with new-found pride in our little girl. Well, this weekend my pride levels rocketed once more. Saturday saw her jazz dancing debut in our capital. She and her fellow dancers wiggled their tiny behinds to Elvis’s Jailhouse Rock (which explains the striped costume). Munchkin was inmate number 21. 😀

Backstage, ready to rock on stage!

Her dad had to work and we didn’t manage to meet up with friends so after the show we had some girly time walking around Victoria’s streets and ended up eating crêpes (lemon and sugar for me, Nutella and strawberries for Munchkin).

Eating our yummy crêpes sitting on a pavement. That is, before we had to make a move because the little one didn't like to sit there...she's all me!

Dancing apart, what really impressed me about Munchkin this weekend is the realisation (once more) that she is a much more complex person than I give her credit for. With complex I don’t mean complicated, but that there are many layers to her personality now and some of the layers I had never witnessed before. I was amazed at how outgoing she is and how popular too (if I may say so myself). I sound sickeningly in love with my own child (which I am) but I couldn’t help feeling surprised every time she ran off in a different direction “just to say hello” to various girls who were out with their parents and whom I had never seen or heard of. And all said girls (usually a little older than Munchkin) hugged her and kissed her cheeks. Every time I asked her who the latest person she said hello to was, she would reply nonchalantly “Oh, she’s a friend”. I don’t think I knew that many people before I hit 20!



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  1. Your little inmate is just so adorable. It must be amazing watching a personality develop and unfold right in front of your eyes

    • it is! at the same time i’m torn in two…half of me wants her to remain my baby and the other half wants her to grow into a strong independent woman. most of the time i just want to hold her tight and smell her hair. 🙂

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