A series of unfortunate events

Yesterday morning…

→ electricity fails for around 20 minutes;

→ computer time is slow by 20 minutes as a result of the power failure but I don’t realise (I don’t wear a watch);

→ I realise I’m late…20 minutes after closing time and I’m still at the shop;

→ I rush out chatting with my sister on my mobile and keep talking (what’s it with me and logorrhea lately?!) while I’m driving out of the garage onto the main street of the town (and the island) (next door to the island’s main police station) without my seat belt fastened;

→ A policeman waves at me (or so I thought) so I pull over on the other side of the street, hang up and fasten my seat belt. I proceed to drive down the main street and spot said policeman following me on his motorcycle but I think he just so happens to be driving in the same direction as me;

→ We reach the busiest part of the street (and of the WHOLE EFFING ISLAND) and I realise the policeman is trying to tell me something (I’m a bit slow sometimes)…in fact he makes a signal with his siren (which I dismiss as a funny-sounding horn of one of the cars in the street). I pull over, just in case.

→ Sure enough, the policeman stops beside me, asks me for identification and says “You didn’t stop when I told you to, you were talking on the phone while driving and you weren’t wearing your seat belt!”. I apologise for not stopping because I genuinely didn’t realise he was after me (wishful thinking?) but don’t protest about the rest…he was right after all. In the meantime, the eyes of the ENTIRE island are on me. Nice.

And that’s how you get a hefty fine and a bad record because of a crappy electricity provider.

ps – All this was tucked away in my ’embarrassing moments I choose to delete from memory’ drawer later in the afternoon when I went for part 2 of my remedial massage at the new guy. Quite simply The. Best. Massage. Ever.



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  1. ooopsss!! That police thing happened to me in the US actually thought the police was just being nice and lighting our way by turning his flood light on one snowy night on the highway LOL. Turns out he wanted to fine us for overtaking and speeding or something lol/

    as for the best massage ever, i have an appointment today….can’t wait =)


  2. Sorry to hear about your unfortunate events. At least you had an awesome massage!!

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