Here come the girls!

Two days ago I died and went to girly heaven.  I attended the premiere of Sex and The City 2 on the larger island as planned and I had the best time. Before the actual film started, the ladies (I only spotted two men) attending were treated to nail painting, were made up by professionals, there were hairdressers styling hair, we were given a free cocktail (non-alcoholic for my friend and me) and we also had a neck massage, which I obviously couldn’t refuse. The film itself was great, if only for the clothes, interior design and THAT closet! I had never seen Carrie & co at the cinema and I must say that watching the girls on a big screen made all the difference. Just hearing the opening signature tune at that volume gave me goosebumps. My night, and also that of my friends who had to drive me back to my car, had to be cut short because I had to catch the ferry back home but I enjoyed every second of the night, not least because I was in great company.

I wish I could dissect the film scene by scene but I’ve been sworn to secrecy by other friends who haven’t seen it yet. There are some issues raised in the film which I keep thinking about and which I would like to write about but I’d be giving away part of the plot. Apart from that, I’m mentally drooling over the interior design of the two flats Carrie owns (her previous one and the one shared with Big). Big’s place is a bit much for me, except for THE closet of course, but Carrie’s old place (newly decorated during the first film) is my kind of place.

The living area of Carrie's old place. I just love the sofas!
The Closet...a sneak peak of some of the Manolos Carrie spends her cash on.


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  1. I was there too! It was really fab 🙂 And the freebies too – tho I didn’t manage to get my hands on a Clarins bag =/

    I would love to be able to store my shoes like that! Not that I have as many as Carrie does; however, I’ve a fair few 😉

  2. Oh 😦 and OMG to that closet! It’s to die for! !! I still haven’t watched the movie. I am resisting! I won’t so long I know. Thanks for sharing.

  3. eeeek I watch it tonight can’t wait !!!! Then you can say whatever you want LOL.

    Or else how about doing a post with a huge SPOILER ALERT at the top as a warning then people who have not yet watched it will not read the post 🙂


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