Leap Year

Good morning and happy Monday! I hope you all had a great weekend. Ours was very relaxing and full of fun with friends and family. I wish all weekends were like this one. The cherry on the cake was that neither my husband nor I were working yesterday…a rare occasion!

In the afternoon we were at my sister’s and we watched Leap Year. It’s not the kind of film that blows my mind but is a pleasant way of spending an hour and a half, admiring the clothes the main actress was wearing, the scenery (Ireland…stunning!), the main actor (rough around the edges and handsome) and Amy Adams’ hair colour (red, of course). Apart from the aesthetics, the film led to a discussion about proposals. I have already told you how my husband proposed so I won’t bore you with that story again, even though I never tire of going over the details in my mind. Proposal stories have always fascinated me, which is very strange as I was never the girl who grew up imagining her fairy tale wedding. What I love about proposals is the obvious romantic story behind each proposal but also the surprise element which usually accompanies such events.

So, being curious and still in a romantic mood, I would like to know your proposal story. How did your husband/fiance’ propose to you? If the day hasn’t come yet, how would you like your proposal to be? Or are there any proposal stories that you know of (your parents’ maybe?) that warm your heart and restore your faith in the human race?

Amy Adams and Matthew Goode


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  1. We were in London last July to celebrate our 7 year anniversary. A booked dinner reservations at 9pm, and at around 7.30, on our way to the hotel, he stopped to buy a bottle of wine, so ‘we can have a glass before leaving for dinner’. When we arrived at the hotel, I went to open the bottle, but he told me ‘no, no, go shower first’. I did. He then told me, ‘do your make up and get ready before I open the bottle’. He then went to shower and change himself!! I became so impatient because it was past 8pm then, and I told him we wouldn’t even manage to have a sip of the wine, let alone a glass. When he was finally ready, he opened the bottle and poured us a glass each. I hadn’t even raised the glass and said cheers that he had swallowed the whole glass in one go! I simply stared at him, and went on to have my sip. And when I looked up there he was with the box in hand 🙂 I’ve never seen him as nervous as that day 🙂

  2. I then understood his manic behaviour on the train – spilling a cup of hot coffee, checking his bags, his pockets! It was sweet 🙂

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