Three Days To Go

It is unusually quiet this morning at work. I could be cleaning the shop or switching stock to different shelves but, honestly, today I can’t be bothered. I am the type who works better when already busy. When things slow down like this I’m left feeling apathetic.

And apathetic I was…until I had an epiphany. My husband goes away for a week in exactly three days. In my mind there was still a week or so to go till we part but now it dawned on me that he leaves in about 80 hours! I don’t want to sound dramatic but the longest we have ever been apart was four days and we weren’t married yet. He will be having a much deserved holiday covering his favourite festival. If you follow his blog, you’ll know the levels his obsession with Glastonbury can reach.

At Glastonbury Festival last year. Picture taken by the youngest photographer of the family.

Munchkin and I will miss him terribly and the house will be awfully quiet (not to mention tidy) without him.



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  1. I’m in your exact opposite situation. These past two years, our longest time together was 2-3 weeks!! We went from a daily couple to a 2-weekends-in-month couple…hopefully that will change now 🙂 I can guarantee you the reunion will be lovely then 🙂

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