It’s Complicated

Recently I watched It’s Complicated and loved every minute of it. The plot is hilarious and actors don’t get much better than Meryl Streep, do they? My sister watched it a few days later and spent the following day gushing about the set. Much to my sister’s disbelief, I couldn’t remember anything about the house of the main character and now I know why. It just is not my style. It’s a little too ‘American’ for me. Not that there is anything wrong with American style, but I just don’t feel it’s me.

Then, I came across this post on Fern and Feather’s blog and I had to rethink the whole ‘not my style’ argument. Have a look and tell me whether you would turn down the opportunity to live in a house like this. I don’t think I would!


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  1. oh wow… those photos on that blog. I would LOVE to live in a house like that !

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