This afternoon…

We baked chocolate chip muffins.
We watched Charlie & Lola on You Tube.
We had imaginary rose tea and a couple of muffins while watching photos of daddy on the camera (yes, we still miss him).
This is my favourite tea set of the house, a gift from supermum and dear friend Lavinia. Pity the cups only hold a sip of tea each.


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  1. how sweet! maur my babies both ended up in hospital for a week last week. we’re still getting over it. we should be on your little island on monday though…and tuesday….shall we meet somewhere, somehow?

  2. what a lovely afternoon :-). Those cupcakes got my mouth watering lol *munches on her cauliflower* hehe. Too cute 🙂

  3. we had muffins this afternoon too! looks delicious.

    xo Alison

  4. What a lovely afternoon. We LOVE Charlie and Lola in this house! Mmmmm…rose tea.

  5. We love them too…as you might have gathered! We need to buy some dvds though. Nobody seems to know them here so we’ll have to order over the internet. Can’t wait (I’m worse than my daughter)!

  6. we LOVE charlie and lola 🙂

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