Embrace the camera

A few weeks ago, Emily from The Anderson Family Crew, who is a photographer and mother of four (!) small children, launched the Embrace The Camera challenge. She noticed that she had hundreds of photos of her children but that she rarely featured in them. Thinking of when her kids will be older and will want to see what her parents looked like before they turned grey and wrinkly, she decided to start making an effort and putting herself in some of the pictures together with her children. I had the same thought recently. We have thousands of photos of our daughter but almost none of us. I hate being taken photos of and my husband knows better than to point one of his cameras at me.

I am now making more of an effort because I want my daughter to see what we looked like during her early years when she opens her photo albums (if they ever will get printed and organised in albums) in twenty years’ time. So, every Thursday I will join Emily in posting a photo of myself and/or my husband with our daughter. Here’s this week’s, taken on a very hot afternoon a few days ago:

summer on this island = sweaty faces and messy hair


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  1. Dorothy Baldacchino June 24, 2010 — 6:14 pm

    beautiful!!!!! and great idea too

  2. sweet photo—i’m lovin’ the color of your hair too 🙂

    thanks for joining us this week!

  3. What a great idea! I’m not in many photos either. This is lovely. Love the color of your hair. 🙂

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