Eye Candy

Good morning everyone! I love interiors and design and am always looking for pictures that inspire me but lately this hobby has been going into overdrive. Here’s some eye candy from Sex and The City 2. I think my subconscious is trying to tell me something…time to start seriously decorating our flat?

Carrie's old flat, as redecorated at the end of the first film. I love love love this place!
The old closet...every girl's dream. *sigh*
The kitchen/dining in Carrie's new home. Stunning.


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  1. I prefer her closet in the new home though. The one with the double doors. It is undoubtedly a very nice home set.. both apartments are

  2. I too love the blue in carrie’s old, newly decorated apt. That table in the foreground too…though not very child friendly…. and we need to keep that in mind. I keep promising myself that we will do up our place when the toddler is a bit older…and maybe when our income increases a little too 😉

    • i fully understand what you mean! i don’t have to think that much of child-proofing now but, still, i get images of split foreheads and cut hands every time i look at that coffee table (i do love it though!).

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