Feeling hot hot hot!

Hello dear friends, I hope you remember me! I’m very sorry for my absence but I really didn’t realise that so many days had passed since my last (not so sunny) post. Since then I’ve been mostly in good spirits, even though my  mood hit an all time low yesterday (what’s new?). My terrible, terrible mood was made worse, if possible, by the incredible heat we are having. Every year it’s the same story. Summer for me = heat exhaustion, headaches and a foul mouth. I will never stress enough how lucky I feel to have married a man who loves me even when I can’t stand myself and my moods.

On the other hand, Munchkin’s summer is going swimmingly, quite literally. Four mornings a week she goes to summer club with her inseparable friend (my goddaughter from the previous post), two afternoons a week she has jazz dancing lessons (again with said best friend) and the rest of the time, she gets to have dips in the sea with her nanna. The heat doesn’t seem to bother her half as much as it bothers me. She throws herself on the floor, colouring or reading books, and is happy.

Then there’s my dear husband, who is being worked to the bone with endless photography commissions, has to put up with my huffing and puffing while editing the said photos at his computer and goes to his other job at night. All this and he never complains. He’s the best and I’m really proud of how well his photography is doing.

One of my favourite bloggers, Joanna Goddard of A Cup of Jo, posted this picture yesterday. It’s as hot in New York where she lives as it is here and she wrote that she wishes she was in a place like this. My sentiments exactly!


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