Micro-climate control

Happy Sunday all! I’m just dropping in to let you know I’ve finished Twilight and am halfway through New Moon. What can I say? I guess I’m hooked like the rest of them…only, I’m not crushing on Edward (or Robert Pattinson) yet.

Apart from that, we’ve been having some very hot and humid weather. It’s very normal for us to have more than two months of high temperatures so it’s nothing I wasn’t expecting. The only difference is that this year we’re living in a different place which happens to be at the top of a building which is only sheltered by other buildings on one side and is totally unshielded from the sun on the other three. A couple of nights ago the temperature inside the flat reached 38 Celcius. It was horrid. Our daughter suffered the beginning of a heatstroke and she’s been sleeping at my parents again since their house is much cooler (insert sad smiley here). She is fine now but it was distressing knowing it could have been worse. So, apart from devouring vampire books and the usual work/housework, I’m spending the rest of my time controlling the micro-climate at home (as my husband put it). I am very proud of myself for managing to drop the temperature inside by a few degrees but there’s only so much I can do short of moving the flat to a different hemisphere.

I hope that you’re more comfortable and that the weather is fresher, wherever you are. Have a great Sunday!



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  1. oh no heatstroke the poor little thing!!! 😦 how did you manage to drop the temp inside the flat even by a few degrees?!

    • we put up bamboo curtains in the living room (we have a whole wall of glass doors), covered the door to the little one’s balcony with a dark throw (we haven’t found the perfect curtains yet) and we are keeping doors/windows open in every room with fans circulating the air everywhere. it helps that there’s a slight breeze too.

  2. ouch…38 degrees. My bedroom is like that in Malta. It’s on the roof so mega hot in summer and mega cold in winter but thankfully with AC i manage.

    In Zebbug (Gozo) sleeping with the fan has been enough & i even find myself waking up feeling a little bit chilly ! I am very happy since the ac in the bedroom is too loud to use coz it wakes up the people above hehe.

    Re: vampires, I have been told to try True Blood. We’ll see how that goes


  3. Oh that is horrid! Poor little munchkin. I don’t do well in heat. I think I might die. Hope it cools off a bit. Happy Monday!

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