WARNING: do not read this unless you’re a girl!

Girls, I feel I must turn to you for some advice/thoughts regarding a very personal matter. You see, once a month I turn into a monster. I become so irritable, depressed and weak that I irritate myself, let alone those around me. I am sure you know what I’ m talking about, or so I hope!

Short of checking myself into a psychiatric ward, I am beseeching you to share with me how you feel that time of the month…and what you do to cope with the overwhelming roller-coaster your mood goes on. I’d be eternally grateful if you either left a comment or emailed me.

I hope you’re all having a better start to the week than grumpy old me.



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  1. Surely there must be something that you can take. Even a mild dose of some prescription; like kalmanti perhaps?

    I don’t notice many changes about me to be honest (sorry!) Possibly slightly more irritable; however, I think it’s more a case of me using it as an excuse to BE annoying.

    Hope you feel better x

    • thanks giselle 🙂 i don’t like popping pills as much as possible (except if i have a headache…that i can’t tolerate). having said that, unless i find another solution i’ll have to resort to medicines of some sort.

  2. I just let the people around me know I am pmsing so they know what to expect. Usually mine lasts for about a day or two. Apart from that I just deal with it. Nothing else one can do. Just avoid situations which would normally stress you out if you can (for example is clothes washing stresses you out just avoid it for that day or two…x’tghamel)

  3. agree with alisondee…i alert those around me including my husband who is used to the rollercoaster moods by now and is wise enough to keep the necessary distance; usually try to pick a fight with someone who deserve it (in order to vent my frustration!); ensure that i have girlie pleasurable things to look forward to such a a nice movie, a pedicure, cooking muffins, whatever…i’ll post again if i think of other things! E

  4. My husband has always been very understanding but there are mood swings and there are mood swings, and yours sound pretty serious from the way you wrote this. Mine had been pretty severe (like complete other person severe), then I went on the pill and that was it, never saw them again, even when I came off it 3 years later. I’m not saying go on the pill, but it might be a hormone imbalance of some sort. Maybe you could look into that. x

    • thanks girls…i felt much better in the afternoon. i avoided dealing with things/chores that make my mood worse and spent some quality time with my family and it worked wonders. i guess the simplest things are the ones that work.

  5. Mau try Evening Primrose Oil capsules – they do help!!

  6. Don’t know what to tell you…I am 42 and the older I get the worse the PMS. The mood swings aren’t horrible, but man, I spend between one and two weeks feeling like I did when my milk would come in and I was engorged and squirting milk like a fountain. The only difference is that back then I could nurse it off and feel better and now I can’t. I hate it. I am to the point where I wish I had no boobs at all.

    Erin 🙂

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