Of Sankalpas and hormones

So, following all the good advice I got about controlling my PMS, I am glad to announce that I’m feeling much better. This is what worked: not stressing about housework (I swept instead of washed the floors, I ironed clothes for ten minutes at a time instead of an hour-long marathon like I usually do, etc), avoiding sugar as much as possible and spending quality time with the people I love. What also worked (and turned my whole body into a quivering mass) was a yoga session with my best friend the other night which lasted almost an hour and a half. I swear, I couldn’t lift my arms yesterday morning! What worked miracles, apart from the physical aspect of it, with its stretching and controlled breathing, was the Sankalpa (i.e. a thought, intention, or will directed toward a specific outcome). I don’t feel like sharing what my Sankalpa is but it helped me a lot to find some peace within myself and feel more in control of my emotions.

Yoga apart, these two little ladies have been helping me a lot to look at the beauty of life and to remember why I am, deep down, a very happy person indeed:



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  1. There are classes at IELS in Gozo for yoga which I was thinking of going to when I have some time. So far my move to Gozo has been manic leaving me barely any time to do anything LOL.

    I should really put yoga as a regular thing *sigh*.

    Hope u r feeling better

  2. Glad you are feeling better. What beautiful little ladies and what a beautiful beach!

  3. Glad you found ways to control the mood swings caused by PS. So sorry…. but I didn’t have any suggestions… One day ask me why… 😉

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